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I was at the Special Olympics yesterday and I was talking to the mom of the grade 8 student I have been working with in my Roots of Empathy class. She thanked me for doing this with him and said it has made a difference in things for their family. They have a brand new cousin and it is the first time he has ever shown any interest in a baby. He told her things that needed to be done to help the baby – feed, change, play.
He wanted to hold the baby, which is something he has never wanted to do before. Mom talked to him about how he was feeling seeing the baby and things like this. She said it has made a difference for him in the sense that he has been removed from his class and really not seeing many people. She had tears in her eyes. It was so nice to know they feel the program is making a difference for him and his family.
Julie, Roots of Empathy Instructor
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