The Impact of Roots of Empathy Around the World

Welcome to our new video series, the Roots of Empathy Testimonials. Who better than the experts themselves to paint a broad picture, through testimonials, of the scope and impact of our work and influence? Hear policy maker Maurice Meehan from Belfast, childhood trauma global leader Dr. Bruce Perry, world renowned researcher Dr. Andrew Meltzoff, Business entrepreneur extraordinaire Zita Cobb, and educational psychologist Dr. Michele Borba express their tributes to Roots of Empathy.

Dr. Bruce Perry

Dr. Bruce Perry is the Principal of the Neurosequential Network and Senior Fellow of The Child Trauma Academy. Dr. Perry is a renowned expert on childhood trauma and children’s mental health, researcher, and bestselling author of What Happened to You? co-authored with Oprah Winfrey.

Maurice Meehan

Maurice Meehan, Head of Health Improvement at Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland, reminds us of how Roots of Empathy can address centuries old conflict by helping children find respect for difference and inclusion of “the other”.

Dr. Michele Borba

Bestselling US author, educational psychologist, and “20 year fan of Roots of Empathy”, Dr. Michele Borba shares an enthusiastic story of her first encounter with a Roots of Empathy class in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

Zita Cobb

Business entrepreneur extraordinaire, Zita Cobb award winning innkeeper of the world-class Fogo Island Inn celebrates the innovation behind Roots of Empathy and the fact that the organization is founded by a fellow social entrepreneur.

Graham Allen

Graham Allen, a thirty-year member of UK Parliament, speaks to his founding of the groundbreaking Early Intervention Foundation and his connection and support to Roots of Empathy.