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Roots of Empathy began in Ontario with a pilot in Toronto in 1996.

Ontario became the first province to embrace Roots of Empathy programs for elementary school children and where we co-piloted the Seeds of Empathy program for children 3-5 years old in childcare centres.

Ontario is home to our international office as well as our Centre of Excellence school – a research laboratory where we test and pilot innovative practices. Visitors and media come from around the world to see excellence in action in Ontario schools.  A recent example is BBC World Hacks video which has had 24 million views worldwide, showcasing an Ontario Grade 4 classroom.


We deliver more programs and train more Instructors in Ontario than anywhere else, with strong support from 58 Ontario school boards – 76% of all boards in Ontario.

Ontario Children’s Art 

To learn more about our Ontario programming, contact: 

Allison Wesley