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BC was one of the first provinces to embrace Roots of Empathy programs for elementary school children and BC co-piloted the Seeds of Empathy program for children 3-5 years old in childcare centres.

Since 2000, we’ve reached children in 81% of BC’s school districts, across all five health regions.

Click here to download Roots of Empathy’s history and impact in BC.


Roots of Empathy supports the Core Competencies outlined in the redesign of the BC curriculum and the BC Ministry of Education endorses Roots of Empathy.

Roots of Empathy works in partnership with school districts across British Columbia to achieve optimal social and emotional well-being and positive mental health.

British Columbia Children’s Art 


BC was one of the first regions to do research on Roots of Empathy.

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl of the University of British Columbia and Director of the Human Early Learning Partnership measured the efficacy of Roots of Empathy as a social emotional learning (SEL) program and found that teachers considered students in Roots of Empathy classrooms to be less aggressive and that students were more likely to say their peers exhibited prosocial behaviours.

For more information on our British Columbia programming, contact: 

Darcy Morgan