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The Children’s Gallery is a space reserved to celebrate the voices of children. All children have a voice but many need encouragement to use it. We will embrace many themes in our gallery using children’s art and their words. We are humbled by their insights, their empathy, and their hopeful generous spirits. Children sitting in the classrooms of today are the citizens, the leaders, and the parents of tomorrow.

Mary Gordon, Roots of Empathy Founder/President

Featured Show:

Mental Health

Through our program, we strive to nurture empathy, kindness, and emotional literacy in children, equipping them with essential tools for navigating the complexities of their own mental health and supporting others.

We break cycles in Roots of Empathy as children develop empathy (the ability to understand how another person feels and to feel with them) and learn that babies also cry for emotional reasons. This learning will save lives in the long term but in the short term will enrich the relationships of the children, their learning and even their mental health as feelings are our closest connection to one another.”

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