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Dione's Memorial Images

Roots of Empathy was honoured to be involved in a memorial event for Dione Slater-Smith. Dione, the son of our Manager of Logistics & Program Implementation, Melanie Slater, was tragically killed in a workplace accident in November 2022. As news of the tragedy spread, many people donated to Roots of Empathy in Dione’s name. As an organization, Roots of Empathy decided to honour Dione’s memory by dedicating a plaque to be displayed at Birch Cliff Public School, the school where Dione attended from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and where Dione happily participated in a Roots of Empathy program. The memorial brought together Dione’s family and close friends, as well as staff from across Roots of Empathy, and teachers and administrators who knew Dione during his time at Birch Cliff. Donations received in Dione’s name will also be used to continue his legacy of caring and kindness through the delivery of Roots of Empathy programs at Birch Cliff Public School in the year ahead.