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Want to be a Roots of Empathy Instructor?

Help foster empathy in children, reduce bullying and promote children’s positive mental health and wellbeing!

Roots of Empathy Instructors

  • Are members of the community with diverse professional and personal backgrounds, including, but not limited to: non-teaching school staff and retired teachers, health care, early childhood education, social work, guidance counseling, speech therapy and recreation, and policing
  • Receive certification through the Roots of Empathy training program
  • Deliver all aspects of the Roots of Empathy curriculum
  • Work closely with volunteer families, schools, and teachers outside and inside the classroom
  • Visit their classroom 27 times throughout the school year

Instructor Training

  • Roots of Empathy provides a comprehensive, four day training with a certified Trainer
  • You receive a curriculum, classroom kit, story books, and all other materials you will need to deliver the program
  • You receive on-going coaching on best practices by Roots of Empathy Mentors, as well as professional development opportunities, ensuring you are qualified, confident and supported
  • Learn more – Roots of Empathy Instructor Role, Responsibilities and Commitment

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