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In a time of division, isolation and unrest, fostering empathy in young minds is of paramount importance. The Roots of Empathy program recognizes the significance of nurturing empathy from an early age. Through our annual Baby Celebrations, we strive to acknowledge and honour the dedicated individuals who contribute to the development of empathy in our youth.

Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program the mission, “to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies by cultivating empathy in both children and adults.” Designed for elementary school students, this program has showcased remarkable outcomes, including a significant reduction in aggression, bullying, and the enhancement of social and emotional literacy among participants.

The annual Baby Celebration, which takes place internationally in each region where our program is run, serves as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible efforts of volunteer facilitators, families, babies, teachers and administrators, who play a crucial role in the Roots of Empathy programs. These dedicated individuals generously give their time and energy to instill empathy and kindness in young students, thereby shaping a more understanding and inclusive generation.

At the heart of the Baby Celebrations are the babies themselves. These adorable little beings act as the catalyst for empathy development. Through regular visits to classrooms, accompanied by their parents, babies create a unique bond with the students, who learn valuable lessons about emotions, communication, and caring for others.

The celebrations provide an opportunity for everyone involved to reflect on the impact of their contributions. It is a time to rejoice in the progress made, the connections formed, and the positive transformation witnessed in the lives of students. By acknowledging their collective achievements, the Baby Celebrations inspire a sense of fulfillment and encourage continued dedication to fostering empathy and kindness.By nurturing empathy in young minds, the program sparks a ripple effect that can permeate society.

We need your help to bring our program to more classrooms around the world so we can celebrate more successes in creating a more caring world tomorrow. Let’s pave the way for a brighter future, one where empathy serves as the foundation for a peaceful and harmonious world. Donate Today.