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We were in the middle of our Theme 4 Post Visit, talking about feelings and how bullying makes us feel and what it can look, sound or feel like. One student wanted to share her experience when she was getting bullied at a previous school. She got into a lot of details, and the room was silent. When she was finished speaking, a boy sitting in her group, one who can often be challenging and very opinionated, turned to her and said the same thing happened to him at another school. He continued to add that he never knew that about her, and that they have something in common. It’s like there was a sudden shift in the room, or at least between the two of them. They can empathize with each other. Understand each other a bit better. The classroom teacher has said she’s also noticed a difference in the boy ever since that day when they both told their stories. Like a weight has been lifted from him; maybe expecting a negative judgement from his peers based on previous experiences, but only to be met with understanding and compassion.