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MuskokaRegion.com discusses the success Roots of Empathy has had in Trillium Lakelands school district:

Teacher at Fenelon Township Public School, Holly Earp, also spoke to the successes of the program within her classroom.

“…I easily weave the Roots of Empathy program into all of my lesson planning, to be honest,” said Earp. “For example, in math the other day we were talking about addition and subtraction and I think the question read, ‘Baby Elliot has come for seven visits so far this year. We’re hoping he can come for four more. How many visits are we lucky enough to have him for all together?’ So we bring real life experiences with baby Elliot into our math daily … the Roots of Empathy program has truly blessed our classroom and me as a teacher and has provided invaluable, rich, authentic learning.”

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