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We’ve been selected for the HundrED 2020 collection – third year running

By November 11, 2019January 11th, 2021No Comments

We’ve been selected for the HundrED 2020 collection – third year running


Wow!  For the third year Roots of Empathy has been selected as one of the world’s top innovations in education by HundrED.org, a Finland based organization. We are honoured to be included with organizations and programs around the world that are making a positive impact on children.

Here’s how HundrED describes its work

“HundrED.Org is a not-for-profit organization which seeks and shares inspiring innovations in K12 education.

Our goal is to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement by encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world.

The purpose of education is to help every child flourish, no matter what happens in life.

In a fast changing world focusing on traditional academic skills will remain important, but that is not enough. To thrive as global citizens, children must be equipped with a breadth of skills.”

HundrED does its research. To date, they’ve reviewed 3000 education innovations and selected in 38 countries.

In order to be chosen, innovations must

  • be impactful
  • be scalable
  • make valuable improvement
  • have evidence
  • be adaptable

We are all of that and more!

Thank you HundrED.org for recognizing how Roots of Empathy equips children with the skills they will need to thrive as global citizens, and for sharing that with the world.