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Medicine Hat News brings us a touching story about how two Roots of Empathy students raised money to help their Roots of Empathy volunteer baby’s family:

There is also a highly personal angle to the story, as both Straub and Hennes wanted to do something to help one local family who used to come to the school for the Roots of Empathy program. Roots of Empathy brings in a baby from one family on a regular basis so students at Ross Glen can watch the baby grow, and learn the importance of empathy. One family who used to come for the program now has a sick child, and the parents have had to stay at Ronald McDonald House while he is undergoing treatment. The two boys thought up the garage sale idea to help all by themselves.

“We are just trying to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House,” says Ennes. “We both know someone who used to come in here every week who had to go there, because their newborn was having problems.”

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