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ParentMap interviews Roots of Empathy instructor and supporter Gregory Druzianich:

At the heart of Roots of Empathy is the local parent and infant who join a Roots of Empathy instructor in a classroom for nine visits. There, students watch as the parent responds to a baby’s struggle and stress with positive coaching and encouragement. This exposure to the baby and parent’s interaction helps students increase their ability to identify with another’s feelings, which has been proven to reduce aggression.

Dru learned about Roots because BayVista is the training site for Roots instructors. He loved seeing the families come through the lobby. He’d often arrive at work early just to observe the training.

“Dru is a living, breathing example of what empathy is all about,” says Melissa Soltani, Roots of Empathy program manager. “The way that he engages with people embodies kindness, respect and a real sense of caring about others and what is happening in their lives.”

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