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Discover Moose Jaw celebrates five years of Roots of Empathy programs in the city:

“Tracking milestones and having other people to cheer him on as well and to be really curious about what’s happening in his life. I just feel like he’s got a lot of love, the circle of love is just that much more extended when you have kids. Kids are just, there’s just something about babies and they’re attracted to kids and it’s just kind of a cool experience to see.”

Jett met his classroom when he was two months old at the beginning of the school year.

“It’s something we’ll look back years from now. I think we’ll always call him our Roots of Empathy baby. As a parent, it’s fun to see the kids in a different setting where it’s a little bit less structure, a little more flexibility, and they get to ask questions. They get to see him growing and its almost like he belongs to them as well.”

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