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How great is this? HundrED.org, an organization based in Finland, names the most inspiring education innovations
in the world, and we’re one of them!

We’re a little chuffed but mostly we’re so happy that our programs are being picked up around the world,
reaching more children, developing more empathy, and contributing to a more civil society.

“The seed of all social innovation is empathy. I’m honoured to be part of the HundrED global community
of educators who are changing the world with their innovations,” says Roots of Empathy Founder and
President Mary Gordon.

Five Inspiring Educators, Innovating Education From The Ground Up

What’s interesting about this article is that it recognizes that there are many factors that contribute to a child’s
education and well-being.

  • it can be as simple as allowing children to sit on the floor rather than at a desk if that’s how they learn best
  • using virtual guest speakers and field trips to excite children about what is yet to be discovered in science
  • supporting teachers to provide joyful learning experiences (Joyful!)
  • and teaching children to grow their own food, at school, and letting them take it home to their families.

We salute all of these programs, we salute their founders and we salute the people who bring them to children
around the world.

“Many of us will remember that one teacher who totally changed the way we viewed our lives
and who opened the doors of possibility for us.”

In Roots of Empathy of course, the baby is the teacher, and the experience over the school year with
that baby, watching them grow and develop, relating to their feelings, observing the attachment between
baby and parent – that’s what opens the doors of possibility for children.

Want to learn more about Roots of Empathy and Founder President Mary Gordon?

What we do and why we do it?

Here’s a pretty good snapshot –  our HundrED.org page.  (It includes a sweet video from the classroom too.)