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Niki Tune contributes an article on Roots of Empathy to the Wetaskiwin Times:

We learn how babies change and develop. All babies are different and that is okay! Some babies learn to walk before they crawl and that is okay. We learn that students sometimes learn to tie their shoes later than their friends. In Roots of Empathy, we like to say not yet for milestones and skills for our baby – and for our students. That means that everyone is different and everyone learns the same things, but at different times. Just as we have a natural instinct to protect someone who is vulnerable, like our Roots baby, we learn to have the same feelings about our friends who are being bullied at school. Roots of Empathy is known as a program that helps children foster empathy for others, develop language and proper understanding of emotions. Children in a Roots of Empathy class develop more pro-social behaviours such as helping, sharing and including.

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