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Cochrane Today attends class with Roots of Empathy and one of our tiny teachers:

Ashley Fox, a mother who participated with her infant daughter, Abigail, said she noticed an emotional break through with a student.

“We really thought one of the boys was struggling emotionally quite a bit. He had excused himself from class actually because he couldn’t sit around the blanket anymore,” Fox said. The student had appeared to be struggling with the amount of attention Abigail, the Roots of Empathy baby ‘teacher,’ seemed to get.

“He loved her but he was a bit jealous actually because he felt ‘she gets all this love and where was that in my growing up,'” Wilkinson Lee said.

“And then, at the very end as we were cleaning up, he grabbed Abigail and held her,” Fox said explaining that the student seemed to have finally pushed past his feelings. “You could see a full emotional change, because he had a lot of angst and (then) he instantly had a bit of purpose, a moment of just calm and focus,” Fox said. “Since that point, he was quite a bit more connected with her and looking forward to her coming and what not.”

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