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Thank you for joining us at…

Empathy Towards a More Caring World

Roots of Empathy Symposium 2023


Recordings are now available below!

Thank you for joining us at our 10th Research Symposium, “Empathy Towards a More Caring World“.

Without an empathic citizenry, you cannot have a caring society. A caring society aspires to leave no one out. Its citizens respond to the needs of others, understanding that it strengthens the whole. When our societies are more empathic, they are more caring, resulting in less aggression, improved mental health, and more equality — whether at the level of the classroom or the boardroom. Although humankind might be able to solve global issues, such as climate change, homelessness and hunger, we won’t have the motivation to do so if we don’t care about one another.


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Dr. Dawn Lavell-Harvard - Building Tomorrow’s Leaders
After five hundred years of colonization, Dawn Lavell Harvard believes many Indigenous youth are experiencing a renewed sense of identity and purpose. Indigenous cultures and languages are being revitalized, elders are passing on wisdom to younger generations, and young people are seeking out opportunities to fulfill their potential. In her role as Director of First Peoples' House of Learning at Trent University, Dawn supports Indigenous youth to overcome challenges they face in education, and thrive to become tomorrow's leaders
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Dr. Thupten Jinpa - A New Way of Being
After three years of the pandemic, we face a society divided: divided by economics, politics, class, culture and beliefs. How do we create meaningful connections with others - especially those with different views? And how do we understand ourselves in relation to a changed world? A conversation with Tibetan Buddhist scholar Thupten Jinpa Langri and journalist Mary Ito about a new way of "being."
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Dr. James Orbinski - Tackling Our Biggest Challenges
Few people have witnessed the breadth of human suffering and sacrifice as Dr. James Orbinski, one of our greatest humanitarians. He'll talk about his experiences on the front lines of aid when Somalia, Rwanda and Afghanistan were at war. And his efforts to save hundreds of thousands of lives by implementing large-scale health initiatives. Today Dr. Orbinski is working on our greatest health challenge yet - climate change. And with every endeavour, he believes empathy is foundational to a better world.
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Mary Gordon - Setting a Place at the Table for Everyone
What does it mean to be human? Without a strong sense of our shared humanity, we will not be able to navigate the civil society that our collective future depends on. Empathy as the ultimate human trait is at the core of our connection. The Roots of Empathy program founded by Mary Gordon has been supporting children in developing empathy on three continents for more than two decades. Children are our future. With empathy they can build a caring world.


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