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Help nurture empathy in children

in Bellingham, Ferndale, Mt. Baker School Districts and Blaine Primary in Washington State

Interested schools

Mt. Baker School District:

Kendall, Harmony, Acme


Cordata, Parkview, Roosevelt, Columbia, Lowell, Wade King


Eagle Ridge, Custer, Central


Blaine Primary

Find out how you can volunteer to make a  difference in children’s lives at an info session:

Ferndale Library: Tuesday, August 8, 10am-10:30am, plus Q&A

Deming Library: Thursday, August 10, 10:30am-11:00am, plus Q&A

Blaine Library: Thursday, August 17, 10:30am-11am, plus Q&A

Bellingham Public Library (Central Branch): Monday, August 21, 2:30-3pm, plus Q&A


Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based, award-winning classroom program that has been proven to reduce levels of aggression, including bullying, while raising social and emotional competence and increasing empathy in grade school children. The program is centred around a parent and baby’s loving relationship, with a Roots of Empathy Instructor guiding a discussion with children, encouraging them to read a baby’s emotional cues and take the baby’s perspective.

What is Roots of Empathy Video (1.3min)

Baby Gracie crawling at edge of green blanket as two young girls observe


Volunteer Instructor

  • Classroom instruction 1x/week from October through June, with training
  • Helping nurture empathy in grade school children with the help of a local parent and their baby

Volunteer Parent

  • You and your baby (‘Tiny Teacher’), who will be 2-4 months old in October, will be matched with a grade school classroom and visit nine times over the school year.
  • The children will watch your baby grow and will celebrate their milestones! This will help the children learn all about your baby and in turn they will learn about themselves, their feelings, and their temperament traits.

“Roots of Empathy is a wonderful program that should be in every grade in every school. It has tremendous benefits and can teach the world that it’s okay to be ourselves, it’s okay to feel, and it’s okay to be different. It can teach acceptance, compassion, understanding, and empathy and it can make our world a more peaceful place to live, love, and learn.”

~ Roots of Empathy Volunteer