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Volunteer for Roots of Empathy as an Instructor, Family or sign up as a host classroom

The Volunteer Instructor

A Roots of Empathy Instructor delivers all aspects of the Roots of Empathy curriculum in the classroom and builds respectful relationships with the participating family, classroom teacher and students. Often, Instructors come from teaching, early childhood education, social work, guidance counselling, health or recreation backgrounds. Many of our Instructors have Volunteered as a Family and has time to give back.

You’ll work closely with volunteer families, schools, and teachers outside and inside the classroom to foster empathy in children with our award-winning Roots of Empathy program/programme.

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Roots of Empathy Volunteer Instructors

The Volunteer Family

A Roots of Empathy Family volunteers in the classroom with their baby who is two to four months old at the beginning of the program/programme. Families commit to visiting the classroom once every three weeks during the program/programme year. By volunteering, you and your baby support the development of children’s empathy which underpins their mental health and wellbeing!

We seek families who live in the community, so that they reflect the cultural, racial and linguistic tone of the neighbourhood. This helps create a bond between the children in the classroom and the Roots of Empathy Family, which is reinforced when the children see the parent(s) and baby in the street and rush over to ask how ‘their baby’ is doing.

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Volunteer Parents Roots of Empathy Volunteer Page

Host School/Classroom

“Education is the most effective peace-building institution in the land. Our schools serve as our Ministry of Peace.” – Mary Gordon, Founder/President, Roots of Empathy

We can’t deliver our programs/programmes without the support of schools. Roots of Empathy is delivered in school classrooms during regular school hours. The program/programme is offered to elementary school children from Kindergarten to Grade 8, using a specialized curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, and Grades 7-8. Teachers, students, and principals testify to the benefits of this program/programme.

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