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Mary Gordon describes free play in childhood, and how play helps children develop important skills.

“Not Yet”

Mary Gordon explains childhood development. The timing of that development is unique to every child.


Mary Gordon discusses the importance of sleep.

Mino-wiijiindiwin / Friendship

Mary Gordon talks about the importance of friends in children’s lives and how parents can support their children as they navigate friendships during this pandemic.

School Anxiety

As children begin to return to school, Mary provides guidance for parents on talking to children about anxiety and fear.

Mary Gordon dizhindaamowang giniijaanis owe Enaaskiiwe Bimenindiiwin

COVID-19 and the BLM movement make conversations with your children about this historic time essential. Mary offers parents support as they help children understand the world and lets them know there are ways through this tumultuous time – especially together.

Mary Gordon – Wiindamaadiwing owe Oke’iziiwin

Parents are struggling during COVID-19. Mary Gordon has a message about sharing that with your children. Children know you’re feeling stressed – they’re feeling it too. Sometimes, admitting it gives them an opportunity to express their feelings too.

Parents as Teachers

Mary Gordon offers some thoughts and comfort to parents who find themselves in the new role of “teacher.” As she says, your role as teacher isn’t that new. You were your child’s first teacher – and you always will be.

Reducing Fears in the Face of COVID-19

Mary Gordon sends a message to all parents, all caregivers, all of us who care for children on how to ease children’s anxieties as they watch and listen to how adults react to the coronavirus pandemic.