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Shah shee pay tahm moo ween – Resilience

Mary Gordon ah nee moo tahm, kah kee stay nee tah kwah nee neek, shah shee pay tahm moo ween, naystah, kah oo chee oo shoo oo mah kahk,  wee chah wee too nah nee wahk.

Mary Gordon discusses the important of resilience and how it is developed through our relationships with one another.

Shay kayn kah ee wee too cheek kah tayk – Intrinsic Motivation

Mary Gordon, pah yah tay wee tahm, “Shay kayn kah ee wee too cheek ah tayk“. Ah wah chee shahk kah ee shee moo stay yah nee tah keek, chee too tah keek? Tahn tay kay kee too tah keek, oo nee kee ee koo mah wahk,  chee wee chee ah cheek, oo shah wah shee mee shee wah wah, chee wee ah tee wee too tah keek kay kwah noo.

Mary Gordon explains “intrinsic motivation”. How are children motivated? How can parents help their children to become more self-motivated?

Nee kahn kah ee shee wee too chee kah tayk – Expectations

Mary Gordon wee chee ayo, oo nee kee ee koo mah wah, ay nah kee chee tah nee chee, kah ee shee koo tee tah nee chee, kwah yahsk, chee wah way nee stah nee chee, kay tah ee shee too tah mee nee chee, nee kahn ee tay kay, wee noo wow oo chee naystah oo chah wah shee mee shoo wah wah oo chee.

Mary Gordon helps parents manage expectations for themselves and for their children.


May tah way ween – Play

Mary Gordon ah nee moo tahm, wah way tahm may tah way wee nee noo, ay pay chee oo pee keet, ah wah sheesh, naystah, may tah way ween, kah ee shee wee chee ee koo cheek, ah wah sheesh shak, ay tee kahsh kee tah mah soo cheek, kah kee stay nee tah kwah kee kahsh kee oo wee nah.

Mary Gordon describes free play in childhood, and how play helps children develop important skills.

Moo naysh kwah – “Not Yet”
Mary Gordon ah yah mee toot tahm, ah wah sheesh, kah tee shee oo pee keet, ee tay kay. Pay pee toosh, eesh pah nee noo, kah tee ee tee keek, ah wah sheesh.
Mary Gordon explains childhood development. The timing of that development is unique to every child.
Nee pah ween – Sleep

Mary Gordon ah nee moo tahm, ay spee chee. kee stay nee tah kwahk, nee pah ween.

Mary Gordon discusses the importance of sleep.

Mee nway nee mee too ween – Friendship

Mary Gordon ah nee moo tahm, ay kees tay nee tah koo see cheek, oo tao tay mee mah wahk, oo pee mah tee see wee nah wahk, ah wah shee shahk, nay stah, oo nee kee oo kee mah wahk, chee kee see too nah cheek, oo chah wah see mee shee wah wah, ay noo chee tah nee chee, mee noo wee chay wee too ween noo woow, may kwahch oo mah, ay koo see ween, ay pee pah neek.

Mary Gordon talks about the importance of friends in children’s lives and how parents can support their children as they navigate friendships during this pandemic.

School Anxiety

As children begin to return to school, Mary provides guidance for parents on talking to children about anxiety and fear.

Talking to your child about racism
COVID-19 and the BLM movement make conversations with your children about this historic time essential. Mary offers parents support as they help children understand the world and lets them know there are ways through this tumultuous time – especially together.
sharing our vulnerability

Parents are struggling during COVID-19. Mary Gordon has a message about sharing that with your children. Children know you’re feeling stressed – they’re feeling it too. Sometimes, admitting it gives them an opportunity to express their feelings too.

Parents as teachers

Mary Gordon offers some thoughts and comfort to parents who find themselves in the new role of “teacher.” As she says, your role as teacher isn’t that new. You were your child’s first teacher – and you always will be.

Reducing Children’s Fears in the Face of COVID-19
Mary Gordon has a message for all parents, all caregivers, all of us who care for children on how to ease children’s anxieties as they watch and listen to how adults in their lives react to the coronavirus pandemic.