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Help children thrive!

You can help children develop the empathy they will need to make friends, care for others, and be parents and leaders who will change the world.

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The leaders of tomorrow are sitting in the classrooms of today and they need imagination and empathy to be able to identify and solve society’s problems.

For over 25 year we have been working in classrooms across Canada and around the world to help children develop empathy. Research on Roots of Empathy from three continents proves that when empathy goes up, violence, aggression and bullying go down and stay down. Research also confirms that pro social skills like including, caring, sharing and kindness go up, and stay up.

Please help us support the children in developing empathy so that they will build a caring, peaceful and civil societies where every man, woman and child feels they belong.

Roots of Empathy has the power to tip a generation of children – to create a world that is kind, resilient and inclusive. It develops a culture where children learn to care for themselves, for one another, for their world and for their future.

So far, we have reached 1.2 million children around the world.

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