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We can’t get enough of Romario.

Romario is a Grade 7 student in Toronto. He came with his teacher and classmates to our 2019 Research Symposium to tell us what it was like for them to have Roots of Empathy in their class.

We hear about the impact of Roots of Empathy all the time – from students, teachers, Roots of Empathy Instructors.  We know the program has a positive impact. We also have two decades of research that proves the program works – that it reduces aggression and bullying, and increases prosocial behaviours.

But Romario had a way of putting it that blew us all away.  He revealed how the program affects children, from the inside.

“Every time Roots of Empathy happens in our class, I am happy. I start to feeler softer. Happier. Calm.

And just joyful.

It’s like Roots of Empathy just changed us.”

Thank you Romario, teacher Tom, and classmates for sharing your stories with us.

Here’s Romario telling us how Roots of Empathy has changed him and his classmates.   It will make your day.